Amazon has just announced that its Video on Demand service will be selling $0.99 TV Shows from ABC and Fox just like Apple. But the difference from Apple is that you buy the TV show so you own the media instead of renting the show. So now the decision is: do you rent from Apple or do you own from Amazon?

One amazing plus that you get from Amazon Video is that it’s not just limited to one platform but is widely available a lot of different products. Apple now has a new competitor to the TV show market, going up against the Apple TV.

Steve Jobs boasted that the new $0.99 rental was one of the main features of the Apple TV. These days it’s relatively cheap and easy to watch a few TV shows. It also makes sense if you’re not a big TV watcher and you can decide to opt for the pay-per-view route rather than a pricey cable subscription. Because if you think about it, there are usually 22 episodes in a season, so that equals out to $22 per season of your favorite show.

Amazon’s better solution, however, includes that you buy the episodes for $0.99 and you can use them almost anywhere. The even better part about this is that you may already have the capability to play Amazon Video on Demand; it can be found in dozens of HDTVs from makers like Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic, including set top boxes like TiVo and Roku.

Though Apple TV may have more features than Amazon Video on demand, it is going to be a very big competition with the two services and it is going to be a tough climb to the top.