With all of the new devices available for streaming video to a HDTV, I have taking a looking at the devices available. I have been a Netflix users for years and I am on the $9 a month plan which includes video streaming. I also have a 12Mbps Internet speed and have used video streaming on my laptop without issue. I also connected a Nintendo Wii to my HDTV, but notice that the picture quality was just OK. The Wii streams in SD only.

I took a look at the HD Roku being offered by Netflix for about $70. This also includes a wireless connection built into the system. In addition, I know that some of the newest Blu-Ray players now also comes with Netflix streaming ability built-in as well as wireless connectivity. After looking at all of the different connections, I am leaning toward the Roku.

So my question to you is this?

Is a Roku a good device or do you have a better recommendation?

Comments welcome.