According to a report from AP, California has dropped their attempt to ban plastic shopping bags. In their wisdom, the California legislature thought they were interfering with the personal liberties of people by taking away their plastic bags. The article also states the following:

The bill’s author, Democratic Assemblywoman Julia Brownley of Santa Monica, said lawmakers had failed Californians by defeating the measure. But she said the movement to ban plastic bags would continue despite the setback.

“It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when consumers bring their own bags and become good stewards of the environment,” Brownley said in a statement early Wednesday morning.

The bill, AB1998, called for the ban to take effect in supermarkets and large retail stores in 2012. It would have applied to smaller stores in 2013.

Republicans and some Democrats opposed it, saying it would add an extra burden on consumers and businesses at a time when many already are struggling financially.

“If we pass this piece of legislation, we will be sending a message to the people of California that we care more about banning plastic bags than helping them put food on their table,” said Sen. Mimi Walters, R-Lake Forest.

One would think that from the statements above, that the California legislature was concerned about their constituents. But the real reason may be that these politicians may be concerned  more about their political futures than banning plastic bags. We are all frustrated with the way the government on both the state and federal levels are infringing on our lives and the way we live.

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Source – AP