The pace at which Google is releasing major revision numbers of its browser is staggering, and has been commented upon in many places. In this area, I have wondered aloud if there really are any milestones we should be aware of in these releases, or if the pattern established each few weeks is the only  arbiter of what makes a new revision.

Nonetheless, Chrome 6.0 is declared stable and includes quite a few small changes.


Google has today made the 6.0.472.53 version of its Chrome browser available to practically anyone, by releasing it through the Stable and Beta channels for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. This release comes with performance and stability improvements as well as quite a few new features.

Chrome 6.0.472.53 includes an updated interface (tweaked color scheme, button locations), Form Autofill, syncing for both extensions and Autofill data, and fixes for 17 bugs (eight rated ‘High’).

To download the new and nicer Chrome 6.0 see .


With all the things that Chrome has implemented, one thing added by the programmer’s at SRWare stands out as a change sadly missing from Chrome – a third row of favorite sites (Opera speeddial clone). Anyone who has a modern monitor has the ability to easily display the 12 favorite sites visited, in the manner put forth by Iron. Better still, (are you listening Chrome programmers?) would be the ability to set up as many favorites in your speeddial clone as wanted. After all, if your going to nick the idea, you might as well nick the whole thing, and get it right!

Chrome is getting better and better, and I look forward to each of the changes, but I also know that I stay with Iron for the lack of “dial-home” features, and the small conveniences that Iron adds to the user interface.



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