There should be an image here!I’ve been sitting on this for a while now, but I think I am ready to come forward with it. Android is neat. And I will be among the first to admit my experiences with it have been generally limited. Both borrowing a friend’s phone in addition to going to the Verizon store and playing with no less than four different models it offered at the time. So with this said, I have no idea if these phones were running the latest Froyo release or not. Understand this, I am merely speaking as what Joe User sees today when he goes phone shopping.

Based on my experiences, I found the Android phones I was able to play with to be fast, responsive, and for a geek, simply awesome. But my goodness, I would sooner recommend playing in traffic than tell a casual phone user to try this as their first smart phone. The UI is awful, despite the different skins in play. And while the app store was, in my honest opinion, easier to navigate than what Apple offers, I noticed that the phones I was testing downloaded the apps and they were then nowhere to be found. Kind of annoying — likely user error. But the point is, the apps were confirmed as downloaded. On the iPhone, just slide back and forth and there they are.

Great, so clearly this means that I am now some rabid Apple fanboy who is going to exclaim that everything about Android sucks and your time is best spent with an iPhone 4. Actually, no. I’d  more less equate it to this. For some people, all smart phones might be overwhelming. For others, maybe specific types instead. But based on my experiences with both platforms, I am finding that if I am going to be recommending a smart phone for someone not as geeky as myself, I cannot in good faith, include Android phones in their current form to tech novices. There is just no way. For people comfortable with technology, however, oh my, yes, I think Android phones are very powerful and full of potential. They do a lot of things right, sadly appealing to new users is not necessarily one of those things. Well, at least they have keyboard choices…

[Photo above by laihiu / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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