When I saw this story, I nearly lost my dinner. I can’t think of anything more strange than street-wise gangsta rappers shilling for “da man”.  There also cannot be any one company that is less in need of any street cred with the binary crowd than Symantec. The list of things Symantec has done to foul up the computing space is long and legendary, so I won’t repeat it now.

The absolute last company I would respect, or even pay serious attention to using this method of advertising is Symantec.

So why then, do they do this? Perhaps the problem is senility of the people making the decisions in the ad department – they’ve royally messed this up. Totally FUBAR.

I am not alone in this assessment, as the folks at Download Squad are in agreement about the suitability of shill and product –

You know, if there’s one genre of music I think of when I’m pondering issues related to cyber-security, it’s rap. And if there’s one rapper I think of when I’m in the mood for lyrics which don’t mention any kind of illegal activities, it’s Snoop Dogg.
Yes, those are two of the most ridiculous sentences I’ve ever written at Download Squad, but whatcha gonna do? This isn’t a situation I ever expected to encounter. Behold, the Hack is Wack! contest to raise cyber-crime awareness!

The contest, of course, is based on the old geek hit “Don’t Copy That Floppy,” the early ’90s hit sponsored by the fine folks at the Software Publisher’s Association. Hack is Wack! is different, of course. Hey, it’s 2010 now, and contests like this are crowdsourced — so take off your shirt, pull your pants down below your waistline, and get ready to drop some plates.

First prize is a Toshiba laptop and tickets to a Snoop show — where you get to meet (wait for it) his management team and agent. Yeah. Fo’shizzle. Now on to their choice for spokesperson…

I love you, Snoop, but as much as I enjoy listening to you refer to yourself as the d-o-double-g, you seem like an odd fit for this project. Your rap sheet, after all, makes it appear like this could be some kind of nutty judge’s idea of community service.

Yes, never mind that hacking is not the same as writing, or experiencing the problems wreaked by a virus or Trojan – let us not have meaning get in the way – it was important to have words that rhyme.

Oh well, I suppose it could be worse – they could be using Limp Bizkit, then the message would be as indecipherable as the lyrics.


floating_rock -philosophy

Please check your mind at the door – that is what Symantec is asking with the campaign listed above. Instead, you should do the above reality check.