For those who aren’t going anywhere special this weekend, or have decided that fighting traffic and crowds is better left to the patient, there are a couple of things to try this weekend, almost ready for prime time and full of new features.

TechConnect has a couple of notices that give us some possibilities –

It’s another fabulous Friday on the world’s web and the Opera Software Desktop Team is providing up with something fresh to try out this weekend, a Release Candidate of its upcoming Opera 10.62 browser.

Available for Windows , Mac OS and Linux , the RC comes with the following updates over Opera 10.61:


– CORE-27623 (Fallback not displayed for Java types when plug-ins disabled)

– CORE-30184 (Selection jumps while backspacing in rich text editor)

– CORE-31963 (Opera crashes when searching on

– CORE-32419 (More MIME file types and suffixes for compressed tar files)

– DSK-300950 (Not clickable/selectable links/text)

– DSK-307008 (Opera hung when leaving canvas/audio/javascript game)

– DSK-308559 ( should be added to mailproviders.xml)

– DSK-308722 (FastMail domains missing from mailproviders.xml)

– DSK-310281 (Missing images in feed preview (media rss))

– DSK-311008 (Missing plugin dialog might cause a crash)

– DSK-311558 (Crash after leaving a page with a flash with wmode="transparent")

– DSK-311689 (Items disappearing from cache)

– DSK-311738 (Bodyless documents crash in accessibility mode)

– Fixed some crashes gathered from the automated crashlogging


– DSK-305751 (Entering text is very slow on OSX 10.4 Tiger)

– DSK-311676 (Enable on on demand plugins as default for Mac 10.4 and PPC)


– DSK-298758 (Drag and drop can hang after a drop (normally on a speed dial page)): additional fix

– DSK-304220 (Dead keys and cyrillic fail if XMODIFIERS is set but an IME is not used)

– DSK-307669 (Canceling a widget drag under Openbox crashes the WM causing the user to be logged out)

– DSK-309799 (Memory leak in *nix geolocation)


– DSK-304377 (Crash when downloading files in link panel)

– DSK-312101 (Opera crashes when closing a tab with flash)


For those not on the more aggressive 10.70 track, this gives a lot of fixes, and nearly no chance of problems. (I believe that the last 3 update cycles the Release Candidate has ended up being the Gold release, with no changes – those Opera programmers are very good about getting the sight on the target when RC is proclaimed!

Though I take the more adventurous route with the Windows releases, I tend to stay conservative on the Linux side, so I’ll be putting the RC on my Ubuntu partition, after just a short time of 10.61 use.

And speaking of Ubuntu, there is a beta of the upcoming 10.10 release, which will be known as Maverick Meerkat.

[also TechConnect]

Sticking to its development schedule as usual, the Ubuntu team has now made available the public beta version of its next Ubuntu release, which is known as Ubuntu 10.10 or Maverick Meerkat.

The beta includes the 2.6.35-19.28 kernel and comes with GNOME 2.32 Beta (Kubuntu boasts KDE 4.5.0), updated software packages, Shotwell as the default photo manager (previously Ubuntu used F-Spot), a polished Software Center, an improved installer, new themes and wallpapers, better desktop integration for Ubuntu One and more.

To try out the Ubuntu 10.10 beta (or any of its variations) see this page for the download . The final 10.10 release is planned for October 10.

I will probably try out the Kubuntu variation, as I have been playing with Ubuntu 10.04 and liking it. I have also tried Linux Mint, and it was nice looking, but I did not stay with it because it did not pick up my wireless-G in the Toshiba notebook. I have decided that since Ubuntu finds and installs with no trouble, all new installs of other distributions should as well, or they are not worthy of consideration. Speaking of the installer, it’s so easy, and so informative now, I’m wondering how it could get better. Many of the Linux installers surpass the usefulness of any Windows installer already. (Individual program help files is where Linux needs major work at this point.)

I look at Ubuntu 10.04 and think that the changes are so swiftly coming, perhaps they are too quick on some things, as those just trying the distribution might not have enough time to adjust.



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