White Castle, the fast food restaurant noted for its burgers, is now venturing into the noodle business. The company is experimenting with a new restaurant it calls the ‘Laughing Noodle’ at its Springfield, Ohio restaurant. The new establishment is a combo White Castle on one side and a Laughing Noodle on the other side. The Laughing Noodle is featuring Italian, Thai, and other assorted noodle dishes.

A recent news article from the Springfield News-Sun states:

A White Castle spokeswoman this summer said the restaurant is a test and that they will be “inviting the community of Springfield to give us their feedback.”

White Castle is the Columbus-based restaurant chain better known as purveyors of hamburgers. Their Laughing Noodle concept restaurant opened Monday, Aug. 30.

The restaurant’s development appears very advanced, with glossy signage and a concept showing happy, laughing diners played out on large posters on the building and on the packaging.

The company has promoted the restaurant using social media. It’s Facebook page is the primary source of information online. The company posted a message Wednesday that said it was open and ready for business. The restaurant is having a grand opening on Sept. 25, according to the Facebook page.

Dual eateries are not uncommon. Where I live we have a combo of KFC and Long John Silver’s fast food joint. I have also been to a combo KFC and Taco Bell located on the west coast.

This may be the future of fast food restaurants. But is it a good idea? Let us know what you think.

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Source – Springfield News-Sun