The younger crowd may not recall Duke Nukem, but some of us older gamers recall the fun we had with The Duke. This first person shooter is a classic gamer’s game and there is a good chance that the king of shooters may be making a comeback. But before you whip out your credit card you will have to wait to see if the rumors are really true. Some believe that Nukem may just be a fantasy dream following one heck of a suing fest.

One article states:

The ensuing legal battle was settled with undisclosed terms in May of this year.

3D Realms retained the rights to the game.  And in perhaps the wisest decision it had made concerning the seemingly cursed title, it decided to hand over the development reins to Randy Pitchford’s studio Gearbox Software.

Mr. Pitchford was no Nukem newbie.  He had been hired in the 1990s to help development Duke Nukem 3D.  And while he left 3D Realms just as Duke Nukem Forever was kicking into full swing, Mr. Pitchford always kept a soft spot for the machismo-machine that made him a software superstar.

On Friday at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Mr. Pitchford let the cat out of the bag showing off a 15-minute live gameplay demo filled with sexual innuendo, violence, and suitably attractive graphics.  And according to Mr. Pitchford the game is nearly finished, and will launch complete with multiplayer.  He states in a recent interview, “It’s a large, large game.”

This time Duke Nukem will be fighting aliens who have come to Earth to take over the planet. The Duke really gets mad when he learns that the invaders are taking away the women of Earth. It sounds like this game is going to get the M rating. No release date has been mentioned.

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Source – Daily Tech