There should be an image here!Sometimes Google extensions outshine those of even the mighty Firefox. The ability to take advantage of the free phone calls is now available with Google Talk, which means finding ways to take advantage of this with as few clicks as possible. Well it turns out that Google Chrome users may have a unique advantage here in that there is now an add-on available for the Google browser that allows you to place calls and receive messages, right from the browser window itself.

This means no extra trips to the Google Talk or Gmail homepage. Instead, just go to the area of your browser with the Google Talk add-on running and make your phone calls as needed. Doesn’t get much easier than that! It should also be said that you are able to send SMS (text messages) from the add-on as well.

So what is the obvious downside then? Simple: not being able to TAKE calls from within the add-on. Well, at least I didn’t notice any such functionality myself. While you can receive voicemail from this tool, you will not be taking any phone calls with it, unfortunately. Despite that one setback though, I think this is going to be one add-on that will get quite a bit of use in my house.

[Photo above by foundphotoslj / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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