You can create a rule in Outlook that will move messages unknown senders to a specific folder. In other words, any messages from senders who are not in your address book are moved into the folder you specify.

You can create rules in Outlook for many different things. One popular use for Outlook rules is for filtering incoming email messages. With this in mind, why not create a rule that will keep all email messages from unknown senders out of your inbox. Instead, Outlook automatically moves such messages into a separate folder.

If you want to filter mail from unknown senders, your first step is to create a new folder, by right clicking your Inbox from the Folder List and selecting New Folder. Type in a descriptive name for the folder and click OK.

Now you are ready to create the Outlook rule. To create a new rule to filter mail from unknown senders into the new folder:

  1. Within Outlook, click the Rules Wizard from the Tools menu.
  2. Click the New button. Select Start from a blank rule.
  3. Highlight Check message when they arrive and click Next.
  4. From the list of conditions, place a check beside On this machine only. Click Next.
  5. Under the heading What do you want to do with the message, click Move it to the specified folder.
  6. Click Specified in the Rule Description box. Select the folder you want in which you want to move the messages. Click OK. Click Next.
  7. From the list of exceptions, select Except if sender is in specified Address Book.
  8. Click Specified in the Rule Description box. Select the Outlook Address Book, click Add, and click Next.
  9. Type in a name for the rule and click Finish.

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