There should be an image here!When most people think of Apple’s OS X or iOS, they are seeing it as a very controlled environment in which Apple keeps a tight set of reins. And there is no question, Apple is one company that likes to control what it puts its hands on. But did you know that Apple also contributes a lot of code back to open source projects along the way?

As odd as it may seem, Apple has been a big contributor to a number of huge projects that allow others to benefit from its efforts. Recently Microsoft has been slowly doing this as well, but it’s been Apple that has been the big player in this arena.

It’s easy to forget that a company like Apple has a softer side in the development community sometimes, with all of the control it demands over its own OS platforms. But one thing is for sure: Apple would be a much different company had it not been part of the open source universe with its current offerings.

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