The trouble with many of the problems we see in the world is that they are so complex, and we are not privy to all pertinent information. Because of that, we can’t usually make an informed decision about what has occurred, and must instead rely on courts and other reporting of the facts.

That may be the problem that Google is currently having, with multiple lawsuits from multiple areas of the world. There are reports that Microsoft could be the instigator of the queries that are making the lawsuits pop up like flowers in May.


“On Friday we discussed news that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott opened a probe into whether Google ranks its search listings with an eye toward nicking the competition. Google suggested the concerns have a major sponsor: Microsoft. In question is whether the world’s biggest search engine could be unfairly disadvantaging some companies by giving them a low ranking in free search listings and in paid ads that appear at the top of the page. That could make it tough for users to find those sites and might violate antitrust laws. Abbott’s office asked for information about three companies who have publicly complained about Google, according to blog post by Don Harrison, the company’s deputy general counsel. Harrison linked each of the companies to Microsoft.”

As someone who remembers the problems that Microsoft was known to cause its competitors in the early days [ example: new version of DOS coming out, battlecry from Microsoft – The job’s not done ‘til Novell won’t run. ] this sounds perfectly in step with the dirty tricks coming from Redmond all along.

But is it really true? We will probably never know, because though the court system may know, the records will undoubtedly be sealed, and gag orders issued, to ensure that the greater public never knows what things may have been done.


Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.

John Steinbeck

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