There should be an image here!When you take a bunch of pictures on some trip or during a certain event, you end up with a collection of pictures that are connected but individualized at the same time. The connection is pretty apparent, but something needs to be done to tie the individual pictures into that collection. Creating a slideshow is a great way to do this. Not only are they easy to watch, but they also help the pictures and the overall theme to come alive. If you have some pictures that you’d like to put into a slideshow, then give PhotoPeach a try.

Pictures can be uploaded from your computer in addition to Facebook and Picasa. Once they’re uploaded, your pictures can be arranged in the way that you want and music can be added to make the experience more than just a visual one. If your slideshow still doesn’t feel complete, try adding some captions and then embed it and share it with the world. Don’t let those pictures continue to sit on your computer all by themselves.