I recently returned home after being away for a month. Much to my dismay, I found my house overrun with fruit flies when I walked in the door. Some of them were still flying around, but a few had managed to die — inside of my mini-blinds. Argh! I tried a few different things to get them out of there without hurting the blinds. I ended up having to head to a local store and picking up something to use. It may not have been originally intended to clean dead bugs out of window blinds, but that’s okay — the newest household hacker made it work!

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The Turbo Snake Drain Hair Removal Tool was obviously designed to remove hair that is clogging the drains in your sink or bathtub. However, this little thing was perfect to sweep the stupid dead fruit flies out of the cracks in between the slats on the blinds. Swish! They were on the floor, ready to be sucked up into the confines of my vacuum cleaner.

The little brush at the end of the snake is much like a mascara wand — according to Imei. The tiny bristles were exactly right for the job at hand. It only cost me about ten bucks, and now I have a tool that I can use for several different things.

What other household products have you used for purposes in your home that you didn’t expect?

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