Brownsville, Texas will be another US city that plans on going green by banning plastic bags. The ban on plastic goes into effect on January 5, 2011 with an added feature. Customers can still opt to use plastic bags at $1 per transaction. According to a local news report the city fathers want their city to be beautiful and to take care of the environment.

According to a local news article it states that:

But the law will not affect all businesses. Camarillo says amendments to the ban will target mostly convenience stores and supermarkets, big and small.

“We exempted cleaners, for example, garments that may be plastic material. That wasn’t the issue and so we defined those. Pharmaceutical, Small hardware stores,” he added.

The surcharge would be handed out by the stores. “Those funds would be given back to city for clean up and environmental projects,” Camarillo added.

As previously mentioned by some of our readers, this is not such a novel approach as some would have us believe. There are some cities in other countries who have banned plastic for years.

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