The folks at KFC seem to have a problem with the younger generation not being able to identify Colonel Sanders. In fact a recent survey by the folks at KFC found that 60% of  those in the 18 to 25-year-old bracket did not have a clue who the guy with the glasses and goatee on the KFC box was. What is even worse is that 5 out of 10 people believe that the Colonel was a made up character for advertising purposes only.

In a recent USA article it also stated that:

That’s why KFC is taking action. Today, the world’s largest chicken chain, with 15,000 outlets in 109 countries, unleashes an online PR blitz aimed at bringing the Facebook generation eye-to-eye with the venerable colonel.

“As time has gone by, the younger generation didn’t get to see and experience him like other generations did” in ads and personal appearances, says spokeswoman Laurie Schalow. “We plan to celebrate the fact that our founder was a real person.”

The image confusion is in part KFC’s own doing.

In the past few decades, it ping-ponged back-and-forth from fried-chicken-maker to grilled chicken specialist. In the logo, it put the colonel in a red apron instead of his iconic white suit.

“I wonder if most kids know what the initials KFC stand for?” poses brand guru Steven Addis. “It’s just an alphabet soup now.”

But Addis likes it that KFC is now essentially fessing up.

“It’s a desperate but smart act to re-educate a generation,” he says. “It’s a clever way to embrace the problem rather than hide from it.”

The Colonel was a real person and Sanders was the actual founder of KFC aka Kentucky Fried Chicken. As people tried to become more health aware the company dropped the name Kentucky Fried Chicken and used their KFC initials, hoping we would forget that their chicken was fried. LOL

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Source – USA Today