There should be an image here!One thing that definitely drives me batty is constantly hearing the drivel about how the mobile world is the only one that matters in computing today. Yes, notebooks, netbooks, and mobile smart phones have changed the way we use computers. But to say that desktop computing is no longer a big part of this world is simply untrue. Take myself for example. I’m quite geeky, I prefer the geeky OS choices, I have computers connected to everything under the sun, and yet when the chips are down, I prefer my desktop in my home office as I know I can work there undisturbed. Can the guy sitting at his local coffee house on a netbook make that same claim?

Don’t misunderstand me; I love access to content and email with my smart phone and/or netbook. I’m thrilled to have this as an option. But the idea that this is to be the future seems a bit narrow minded. That said, yes, desktop systems are finishing dead last in contrast to the aforementioned alternatives. But could that be due to folks getting longer use out of existing systems? Maybe not, but I suspect it may be so.

Let me put this another way. When I happen to retire a desktop system, I often downgrade it for other duties outside of daily use. In a less geeky household, an older system is generally held over for the kids to use or perhaps donated to friends/family. With netbooks/notebooks or smart phones, not so much. Generally when they are upgraded, that’s it. Most non-geeky people I know are not passing along the old smart phones or notebooks to others. Generally, they end up in a bin somewhere in a closet.

Now for a final thought. Is it possible, maybe, that just because more people are buying mobile devices that it’s not reflective of their value? Remember, we used to be the society that fixed things. Now we just throw things out. So could it be that here in the near future, we will see a resurgence of desktop purchases simply based on the fact that they have a longer lifespan in most homes? Just some food for thought.

[Photo above by Landii / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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