The first order of business is sending best wishes, prayers, and whatever else you have to the good people of San Bruno, who experienced a terrible explosion, which set entire blocks on fire and could be felt for miles.

I first found out about this late Thursday night, shortly after it happened.  Eight hours later, one of the morning shows did a long segment on the explosion and fire, featuring interviews with many who were there.  It sounded horrible.

Something smells funny and it’s not smoked neighborhood.

The first news had nothing about cause, other than allegedly ruling out an airplane crash.  The morning news gave half an excuse about maybe a gas explosion.  Nothing else.  It kind of dropped out of the news after that.

I have no theories.  All I have is the sense that something is not right about this.

My best to all the fine folks of San Bruno.  I hope they find the help and shelter they need.