It has been nine years since a bunch of ‘terrorists’ flew planes into buildings and the ground.

Nine years.

Naturally the mainstream media has perpetuated the conspiracy theory put forth by George Bush; that nineteen terrorists caused this entire mess.

I have questions.  Questions the MSM won’t dare ask.  Questions most dumb Americans won’t ask.

  • why was the Air Force on stand down that morning?
  • why are there only five frames of the Pentagon video; the most videotaped building in the world?
  • why are there traces of high-explosives in the dust of the Twin Towers?
  • what was hauled away from the Pentagon under the tarp?
  • isn’t it convenient that terrorist I.D. was found in the rubble immediately?
  • how did we ‘know’ to blame Osama bin Laden so quickly?
  • did you know Osama was a CIA asset?
  • where are the weapons of mass destruction?
  • where are the plane parts?
  • what did the officer keep telling Cheney was a few hundred feet out?
  • who put the Put options in the market before 9-11?
  • what were the explosions mentioned by employees and firemen in the towers?
  • why is there a gag order on the firemen?
  • what took down building 7?
  • was the 9-11 Commission related to the Kennedy Commission?
  • why were the towers the only buildings of that construction to go down due to fire?
  • how many of our rights were curtailed?
  • who benefits?

Those are but a few pertinent questions.  There are so many more.  I urge you to read, watch videos, hear what the experts have to say.  Ask your own questions.  An informed populace is a dangerous populace.