Police in Nashua, New Hampshire broke up a gang of crooks who were using Facebook to find out when homer owners would be gone. The cops were able to recover somewhere between $100k and $200k in stolen goods. Police were able to arrest three suspects and are looking for a fourth, maybe more,  suspects who were involved in the burglaries, which numbered over 50 during the month of August alone.

According to one news reported it stated that:

Investigators said the suspects used social networking sites such as Facebook to identify victims who posted online that they would not be home at a certain time.”Be careful of what you post on these social networking sites,” said Capt. Ron Dickerson. “We know for a fact that some of these players, some of these criminals, were looking on these sites and identifying their targets through these social networking sites.”

It is still amazing that after all of the warnings about what not to post online, that people still ignore this information.

Do you post personal information about yourself online?

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Source – WMUR9