Earlier today Adobe made an update to its popular Web graphics program Adobe Illustrator to support exporting images in HTML5 and CSS3 compliant formats. Adobe has said that these updates are initial releases for these platforms because the platforms themselves are not final and will not be for some time. Since the standards have not been released, this is as close as Adobe is going to get with this update for now until the HTML5 and CSS3 platforms get updated.

At the planning and development of CS5 Adobe did not see much hype around the HTML5 and CSS3 platforms so at first it did not plan it that way. Recently there has been much attraction to this new architecture. So to get its foot in the door, Adobe released this update. Adobe explained, “Given the recent surge of interest around HTML5, a preview of Illustrator compatibility with HTML5, CSS3 SVG is being provided so that you can begin exploring their potential as quickly as possible.”

In relation to this update, Adobe has also released a update for its popular Web design tool Dreamweaver to integrate HTML5 tools into its application. Being a very popular platform, Dreamweaver is sure to attract the eyes of the future HTML5 designers.