I haven’t had the chance to review any guitar goodies recently, largely because I haven’t been able to afford any guitar goodies recently.  I joked a while back that I felt rich because I could finally buy a few packs of strings.

Almost as if on cue, a local guitar buddy literally chucked me a pack of strings.  He had mail-ordered a bunch of them and asked me to give them a try.  They’re called SOB Strings.  And with a name like that, how bad could they be?

Since the other blogger geeks get great gear to unbox and review, I knew it was my duty to go to town on my craft (as opposed to my vocation).

I never heard of SOB Strings til recently.  I found out they  made a special left-handed set so I had to try them out  [I am clearly making this part up].

At my last gig, I made certain to wipe the pukeburst Strat down.  In spite of that, the strings were rusted in a fairly uniform fashion. Because I am married, I had to ask my wife where the new strings were.

These guys are the .010 vintage set.  According to the insert, they make rock formula and original nickels.  Since they were labeled vintage, I’m guessing they were the original nickel set.  In the interest of disclosure, I have been using GHS .010s for longer than I can remember.

These lower strings were a hair larger.

They are packed very well. [wow, this really is like an unboxing on some loon’s blog] The envelopes are very heavy and the gauge labels appear somewhat homegrown.

The pukeburst is, to be polite, not exactly the best of breed.  I love the neck but it’s not a really live guitar.  The strings feel a hair different but I haven’t quantified it yet.  They don’t have the same high end snap I’m used to by a few degrees. they may have taken less stretching to come to pitch and stay there.


The strings stayed perfectly in tune.  I have not plugged the guitar in yet – that’s tomorrow at practice.