Famous artist Andy Warhol once quipped that everyone would have 15 minutes of fame. That may have been true back in the last century, when Warhol lived, but today it looks as though you’ll be able to be noticed, if not completely famous, for as long as the servers, and the internet hold up.

As long as you can keep it short and sweet (one page, that is) you’ll soon be able to keep your name alive on the internet. The news of the site about.me comes from the Digital Inspiration pages –

About.me is a new place where you can create splash-page style one-page websites for your online profile. Your about.me page can have your picture, your bio and links to your various social profiles and your websites /blogs.

About.me is in private mode so you can’t create profiles yet but they do allow you to reserve your names – if the username (vanity URL) you are looking for is available, they’ll reserve it for you and will send you a confirmation over email.

Check out some beautiful about.me pages that are now live – Om Malik, Lindsay Campbell, Tony Conrad and Ryan Chris (they are co-founders).


The pics are indeed very nice, and can be viewed on the Digital Inspiration page above, or at the about.me site.  The pages each have a very good picture of their namesake, and the rest is filled with pertinent information about the owner.

It’s like specialized license plates for the internet, and you don’t need to pass a test to get one.



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