There should be an image here!For the longest time, some of the people who used the Internet maintained a single Web site of their own that contained all of their information, but these days, the single site mentality has kind of become extinct. People are now maintaining accounts on a variety of social networks, and if you want to keep up with someone, you have to follow their activity in a wide variety of places. This of course brings us back to where we were in the beginning in relation to the fact that people need a central place to organize and link to all of this activity. wants to be that personal landing page.

These customizable pages are simple, but they look great. After all, you really just need to be able to include a picture, some text about yourself, links to your site and accounts, and a link for people to contact you. enables you to do that and it also includes analytics to help you understand your visitors and your activity. At the time of this writing, you can’t create an account right away, but you can reserve your account name.