As has been previously reported, Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for the Boxee Box by D-Link for $199.99. I was interested in what Boxee Box had to offer and this is what the company states that their device will do for you:

  • Enjoy thousands of shows available for free from your favorite networks, ready to watch at any time
  • Check-out free movies from the web & watch new releases in stunning HD from premium movie services
  • Play videos, songs, or pictures from your computer or home network
  • Plays any non-DRM video, music, and photos and media from anywhere on the Internet
  • For the best Boxee Box experience, use a wired, high-speed internet connection
  • We get it – you want to the freedom to watch whatever you want on your TV: Movies, TV Shows, Sports, but also any other video that is available online. You want to do it without having to connect a computer to your TV or use a keyboard and mouse. We’re all over it. The Boxee Box by D-Link: watch, organize, share – you are now in full command of your TV for the first time. No rules, no contracts.

But it was this one statement, download Boxee’s software and try it for free on your computer first, that caught my eye:

Watch What You Want, When You Want.

The freedom to watch what you want. It’s thousands of TV shows ready to watch, instantly. It’s tons of free movies, Hollywood blockbusters, and critically acclaimed films. It’s web-only videos from Funny or Die or College Humor. It’s your videos, your Pandora and Facebook feeds somewhere they’ve never been before – your HDTV: organized, simplified and enjoyed from the comfort of your couch in 1080p. No keyboard or mouse required. For serious!! Do what more than a million users have already done – download Boxee’s software and try it for free on your computer first, we’ll automatically import your account when you’re ready to bring the Boxee Box experience to your HDTV. Get tons of free stuff, and pay for the premium content you want. No monthly bill. No more paying for stuff you never watch. No biggie. Finally, TV gets it.

The Boxee Box software is available for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and it is free. I downloaded the software last night and took it for a spin. It worked flawlessly on my Windows 7 machine using a wireless connection. I watched several TV shows from last season and they played perfectly and the picture quality was excellent on my system. I would recommend that you confirm that your computer has enough power and a  fast broadband connection prior to trying the software.

If you try the software let me know what you think.

Source – Amazon Boxee Box Pre-order

Get the Boxee Box software from here.