InterConnection provides computers to under-served people and communities around the world. From its Seattle-based computer recycling and reuse programs to schools and organizations far and wide, it makes a connection that makes a difference. It creates opportunity through computer reuse.

Company founder and director Charles Brennick was a presenter on the Gnomedex stage, teaching all of us what we should be doing with the old machines lying around the house and garage.

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Donating your old machines and smartphones is safe and secure. All of your data is securely wiped from hard drives using Department of Defense standards. You’ll get a tax break when you donate equipment, since InterConnection is a certified 501c3 nonprofit organization. It’ll gladly give you a receipt when you drop something off to it.

By recycling your old stuff, you’re helping the planet. No parts end up sitting in a landfill somewhere. The company is also helping people in the community by providing valuable hardware skills training to local low-income volunteers through its computer reuse program. Those computers are then sent to schools and organizations within under-served communities worldwide.

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