I am a staunch supporter of free speech.  I respect the right of the muslims to build their Islamic center near Ground Zero.  I think they’re bleeding idiots, but I respect their right.  This is what I believe.

Until a few minutes ago.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who wants to build the aforementioned Islamic center, disputes that Ground Zero is hallowed ground.  To prove his case, he refers to a local strip club and Off-Track Betting parlor.

Sorry, Rauf.  No go.

I was with you on the building.  I was with you on the inbred pastor of fifty, whose life’s mission seems to be his moustache.

But you had to go and point out strippers and gambling as reasons against the neighborhood being hallowed ground.

You can only push a man so far, Feisal.  You can pick on his house, his car, and his mistress, but you DON’T pick on his strippers.

Burn the mother down.


As a bonus for my readers who appreciate a deeper look into issues of the day, it is actually very important to know that the above was uttered at a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).   This does not bode well.