There should be an image here!Sometimes a new idea rolls out that is so off, it’s simply too difficult to put into context. Regardless, I am going to try. Recently I discovered that Walmart was going to become a mobile provider. That’s right, not just a big box store, it’s going to become a cell provider as well.

At its core, this new service is pre-paid cellular. And that surely sounds fantastic on the surface. In realty though, it means that there are going to be less phones to choose from. Based on what I am reading here, that is definitely the case. It seems that the provided phones are going to be on the high side of the price scale.

Personally I think the idea of Walmart selling pre-paid cell phones is rather late to the game and completely pointless. Tracphone, among others, have been around forever, so I fail to see what new concept Walmart is bringing to the game.

[Photo above by Koonisutra / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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