There should be an image here!Before many of the social networks started to become so popular, RSS was the topic of conversation in the world of technology and content. RSS feeds are still pretty much everywhere these days, but social networks have certainly attracted the spotlight. A lot of the time people don’t even realize when they’re using RSS. Those of us who know and love RSS have probably had our own RSS readers customized to our liking for quite some time now, but if you’re looking for a new online RSS reader that also takes social content seriously, then you should give Feedlooks a try.

The simple online interface gives you quick access to the full content that you want to see. The focus is on fresh content, and you can pin the posts that you like so that they stay at the top. Feedlooks also includes an Interest Meter which shows you how popular each post is, so you’ll be sure to identify content with the most buzz. Twitter integration is as much of a part of the tool as RSS feed integration is, and that’s important because more people are getting their news from Twitter.