There should be an image here!Despite remaining firm in my belief that Digg lost its way when it branched away from being tech only to other subjects such as politics, I have to admit that I am finding the new Digg to be less of a boys’ club than what it once was.

In addition to a new, cleaner layout, I also enjoy the fact that the old guard of users over there hate it. That tells me that Digg is doing something right, as most of these guys need to get lives for themselves and allow Digg to grow naturally.

But the biggest underlying improvement that I have found with it, bar none, is how much cleaner it is to submit content in comparison to what it used to be. Thanks to the site’s overhaul, it’s almost instant and to me, that is a great deal for those who submit stuff frequently.

As for how it compares to sites like Reddit… well, I think that is more of an apples vs. oranges kind of thing.

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