There should be an image here!I want to be excited about this news of Google TV coming to the world at large, I really do. But I need to be assured of something besides a hefty price tag of $300 to get myself there. First off, if I am spending $180 to $300 for access to Google TV on a box, we had better be talking about flat rate prices like with Netflix or Hulu Plus. Because if this is not addressed, then who really cares if there is higher resolution than with the competition? We’re in a recession, so pricing model really matters here.

Now let’s be ultimately clear here. As anyone paying attention will tell you, Google TV is not a product — it’s actually a platform. This means it could, indeed, deliver us Hulu Plus, Netflix, and so on. So based on this, we’d be paying the hardware cost for access to the platform… and whichever content providers opted to jump on board with Google. Based on this, it’s clear that Google is actually trying to blur the lines between Web content and TV. It’s an interesting idea, but will anyone care?

I am still skeptical. Not because I don’t understand what the end game is expected to be, rather because the end game is basically Android for your consumer electronics. This means the underlying problems with DRM, Flash/Silverlight, and the MPAA remain completely unsolved. All Google is doing is helping to aggregate the media problem into more households than before. In other words, there is nothing to see here. It’s just another player gaining ground into an already crowded space.

[Photo above by x-ray delta one / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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