For those of you who have read The Chronicles of ShadowMyth, my stories often seem way ‘out there’ and perhaps ‘unbelievable.’ It is for this reason in part that I tend to write about older events, and not the current happenings in my life. I classify my stories under ‘myth,’ so if one so chooses, my stories can just be chalked up to being fiction. It is amazing how many complex and intricate events can happen in my life, even within a one month span, as has occurred this last month. I have contemplated perhaps sharing some of the recent events surrounding me, but am hesitant for a variety of reasons. I thought perhaps though I’d just do an outline, a mild sketch so to speak.

The Dead Guinea Pig: This was a rather interesting event, though a smelly one unfortunately. This situation involved a VERY large dead guinea pig being planted in my home. It was accompanied by other evidence that was meant to scare my daughter Raven and I, and appeared as a death threat. All possible logical explanations were explored and discounted, and there was no doubt the critter was dead before it ever entered my apartment, and someone had indeed been trying to psych us out. Well, good luck with that is all I can say. Who would want to do this? Read the rest of ShadowMyth’s Chronicles if you are interested in a possible answer. As you can see the critter is almost as large as the base of the gallon jug next to it. It was literally between 5 and 6 inches long, and about 3 inches wide. Its tail oddly appears broken. There is more to this story, but I am going to leave it at that.

The Conspiracy: I really wish I could share the details on this one, but I am thinking logically, not sure of the repercussions such an action would bring. I work somewhere in town whereby I stumbled across a city wide military conspiracy that is at least 15 years old. It involves military disinformationists, the mayor, and suppression of information/city wide actions. I have physical evidence to make this conspiracy public, but am just really wondering if I want to deal with it at this point. As much as I have had to deal with conspiracy in my own life, the idea of making it public was tempting… very tempting. I mean usually I have no hard evidence, but this time I do. On the other hand, I am moving out of state soon, so I am thinking, why push my luck?

The Serial Killer: I have tended to attract serial killers my entire life, so  this one was no surprise. I will say however, I have never met one as dangerous and psychopathic as this one. I actually ventured into his lair, an empty office building in a somewhat out of the way location. He took me through a series of entrances and doors, locking each one behind us as we went. I was never afraid, but I will admit I was assessing what weapons I had available to me, and what actions I would take if it became necessary. Fortunately killing me was not on his immediate agenda, but information I had to offer him. I will not say how, but I dealt with him, and I do not think he will be a problem for anyone in the future. No, I did not kill him.

The Bank Robber: This incident was just a really pleasant event. While hitchhiking with Raven we were picked up by an older Italian gentleman, who had been involved in the mafia most of his life. He told us all about his bank robbing days and how to rob a bank, the years he had spent in prison, and the most recent events of his life. He was oddly a very compassionate man, and Raven said it would have been cool if he were her grandfather.

The Slave: I recently have acquired a part time slave, who comes in once a week and cleans my house. I do not have to pay him a thing, just merely whip him here and there, and lightly demean him. As many of you know, BDSM is not new to me, though in the past I have been the submissive, not the dominant. It has been interesting, but it requires me to be a good actress, as it is definitely not my thing. Who am I to complain though? I get as many hours of house cleaning as I desire, and I merely spend less than an hour total being an actress. Raven says I am pretty good at it, and I should make a living as a dominatrix… I just don’t think it is really up my alley.

Ending of the Stalker: For over two years Raven has had a stalker, who has gone way out of his way to be a pain in the butt. He has written large amounts of blogs about her, even threatening to kill her, looked through her window, visited her work places, hassled her friends, etc. A visit to the local police department resulted in us being told there was nothing that could be done. This month I was approached by the man, and after he introduced himself, I let loose a very threatening lash of words, letting him know his stalking had better stop or else. Since this occurrence there have been no problems, and his blog appears to be set to private. We have people keeping an eye on him though, just in case he decides to take further action.

The Usual Stuff: Then of course there are the usual aspects of my life. I work a variety of odd jobs doing such tasks as computer repair, massage, house cleaning, yard work, painting, being a companion to the elderly, etc., which keeps me busy off and on.  Of course there is my daily qi gong/meditation routine, visiting with friends, teaching, hitchhiking, shopping, etc. My life is never boring, and I would never have it any other way. Raven and I both get frustrated that there is so little in our lives we can share, because, well, people would think us absolutely nuts! So here I write in my blog, just another nutcase on the web…