There should be an image here!How many of you remember video killed the radio star on MTV about a hundred years ago? Yeah, it’s a great example of changing technologies and how they can affect things. But what is the deal with the netbook/notebook sales taking a nose dive all of a sudden?

According to the link above, we have the iPad to thank for this. Because clearly, typing on a flat surface with virtual keys in a locked down environment is a total replacement for the unlimited functionality of a notebook with legacy software you’ve used for years. Come on, give me a break.

Tablet computers are neat. I’d even go so far as to point out that they replace the pen and clipboard, especially considering the app functionality. But for the love of Pete, these are nothing more than iPhones on steroids. The idea that they have ANYTHING to do with netbook/notebook sales dropping off is suspect at best.

Speaking for myself, I think that the economy has a lot to do with it. Plus the move of more people adopting smart phones like the iPhone for casual use of email and other on-the-go applications.