Intel has an interesting business model they seem to think will intrigue customers and line their pockets with more money.  For a most fee of only $50, they will allow you to download software that will unlock more power for your Intel CPU. According to one report Best Buy is currently selling the $50 cards at their outlets for the new Intel Pentium G6951 processor.

Intel is calling this an ‘upgrade’ and the card is pictured below: got their hands on an early sample of the chip and discovered it’s actually a full 1MB of L3 cache that’s enabled plus HyperThreading support, which translates to a modest but noticeable upgrade.

The back of the card is a scratch off with a secret code that allows access to the secret software from a secret site. I would venture a guess that someone is going to easily crack this secret stuff and post it on the Internet.

Would you pay $50 to unlock your CPU? I know I wouldn’t.

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Source – Engadget