The two top stories for today, tomorrow, and most likely the coming week concern two major Internet companies. First we have Google with an announcement that some three million business users have flocked to the cloud. Next there is the rumor that Facebook may be launching its own smartphone. When hearing this news I jumped for joy and yelled ‘yippee’. Just kidding.

Actually both bits of news are going to have a major impact on our lives. How?

Let us take the news from Google about its business cloud venture in which it stated:

Cloud computing is about making your information easily accessible from anywhere, on any device. Until today, organizations looking to secure their information beyond a password have faced costs and complexities that prevented many of them from using stronger security technologies. Today we are changing that with the introduction of a more secure sign-in capability for Google Apps accounts that significantly increases the security of the cloud: Two-step verification. For the first time, we’re making it possible for organizations large and small to use this technology in just a few clicks for free. In the coming months, we’ll also be offering this same security to our hundreds of millions of individual Google users.

Two-step verification is easy to set up, manage and use. When enabled by an administrator, it requires two means of identification to sign in to a Google Apps account, something you know: a password, and something you have: a mobile phone. It doesn’t require any special tokens or devices. After entering your password, a verification code is sent to your mobile phone via SMS, voice calls, or generated on an application you can install on your Android, BlackBerry or iPhone device. This makes it much more likely that you’re the only one accessing your data: even if someone has stolen your password, they’ll need more than that to access your account. You can also indicate when you’re using a computer you trust and don’t want to be asked for a verification code from that machine in the future.

Some of you in the past have denied the fact that cloud computing is going to be in your future. You have stated that you will not place your precious documents or other items in the cloud because you believe it would not be secure. You have also stated that you do not believe that any company, including Google, can keep its servers in action 24 x 7 without a failure of some type.

For those of us who have been using Google Gmail for several years, we have come to expect and accept the reliability of the system. Have there been minor outages? Yes there have been. But you must admit these have been rare and they seem almost nonexistent during the past year or so.

Second we have the Facebook rumor of a smartphone. This rumor I like because I am a firm believer that the more companies we have in any market, the better it benefits consumers. Lower pricing and better services come to mind. In one recent article it states that:

Facebook is “for sure” using Google’s Android operating system as the basis for its phone software, according to a plugged-in Silicon Valley source. This means that Google is now essentially helping Facebook attempt to destroy Google!

Using Android is probably the easiest and best way for Facebook to go about this, so it makes sense. (And it explains why Tseng joined Facebook and not a startup, or something else.)

As far as this rumor goes, I am of the belief that we should believe it when it happens. Why is it that some people always want to make their article appear to be so important by using the ‘we will destroy you theme?’ LOL

So what do you think? Your opinions as always are welcome.

Source – Google

Source – Silicon Valley