There has to be something wrong with an article that declares Porn Isn’t Real!

Billions and billions of us manly men (and women) rely on pron to dictate our views on sexuality, not to mention our entire lives.

Seriously, folks, this article does a tremendous job of deconstructing the myth of pron as reality.  There are a few especially good tidbits from an interview the author did with a pron star, dispelling many of the, well, let’s call them misunderstandings.

On the other hand, consider the fact that pron is the driving force behind technology.  When VCRs first came out, the only tapes available were pron (at insane prices, or so I hear).  Wireless phone carriers want to fatten their pipes, largely for streaming pron, not to mention a few other minor things.

If we’re buying it, there’s got to be something behind it.

The article does mention that there are certain people who like what they see, including the semi-impossible (and semi-painful) stuff.

Count us in.