There should be an image here!We all know it’s important to get feedback on certain things, but we may not always be inclined to go down that road. Getting feedback can be helpful, but it can also be kind of messy. When you open something up to receive feedback, the responses can be positive or negative, short or long, and so on. Sifting through that feedback can be a chore, but AnswerGarden provides a simple tool that helps you understand how all of the feedback is divided with just one look.

You create a new AnswerGarden by entering a question or statement. Once that’s been done, you can share it with others by linking to the URL or embedding the widget on your site. Participants only have a limited amount of space in which to write their feedback, which forces them to be concise, and all of the collected feedback is included below and the answers with the most responses are bigger than the other ones, which helps you to see how popular a particular piece of feedback is.