There should be an image here!Just when it was safe to assume that Yahoo! was on its last legs, this article surfaces and demonstrates that Yahoo! potentially still has some teeth left. Seems that Google could be looking at a patent headache or two due to the fact that this kind of instant search results concept… was provided by Yahoo! about five years ago. Bundle this with the fact that Yahoo! does indeed have patents surrounding this functionality and one can only assume that Google is going to have to cough up some green here fairly soon.

Perhaps instead, though, Yahoo! and Google will be able to work something out. After all, Google could easily cough up any funds requested if it means avoiding a messy legal batter over IP rights. But despite all of this, Google is going to have to deal with Yahoo! on its own terms, at some basic level. As to how this turns out is anyone’s ballgame at this stage.

One thing is clear. Yahoo! wants this alleged patent infringement on the books and in the public light. It’s been making sure that anyone who will listen is aware of it. But what remains a mystery is what will happen from here. Does Yahoo! intend to go after Google over this? Maybe Yahoo! is bitter as when it offered instant results, no one seemed to care? I guess only time will tell at this point.

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