Google is taking a big step out there and is filing a lawsuit against all the fake drug companies that have gotten their fake prescription ads through the Google ad system.  These companies claim that they can get you cheap prescription drugs, but in reality they are scamming you out of money and possibly giving you fake or illegal drugs.

In Google’s blog the company announced that it has officially filed a civil lawsuit against these advertisers. Google believes that the advertisers deliberately broke Google’s terms and others about obtaining and selling medication.

Google seems to be taking a bite out of an increasing market of scammers setting up fake pharmacies and selling illegal drugs. Now don’t be afraid because Google has set up a very fine filter to weed out ads like this, but on very rare occasions the one ad will slip through and cause damage before it is caught.

Google is doing its part in the world of scams and instead of creating filters to block it is actually going after the source. Google has stated in the article released that it will continually add offenders to the ever growing list in the lawsuit as it finds them.