There should be an image here!The biggest worry for most teens when planning a sweet-16th would be hoping enough people show up, but one teenager from Hertfordshire in the UK will have no such worries. Rebecca Javeleua was told she could invite 15 friends to the celebrations at her family home; unfortunately she overlooked a Facebook privacy setting and created an public invitation to the whole of the social network.

Since posting the invitation last week there have been over 21,000 confirmed guests, including faked accounts from celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Stevie Wonder, Stephen Hawking, Rick Astley and Susan Boyle. The post included her home address and telephone number, meaning police are patrolling the area and Rebecca has had to change her phone after being overwhelmed with calls inquiring about the event.

While this may seem somewhat comical, the girl’s mother is understandably very upset at this faux-pas, and has cancelled the party following fears of an invasion of their small apartment. Tracey Livesey told the Daily Telegraph newspaper:

“Her party is cancelled and she will be lucky to get a birthday card from me after this. I said she could have 15 friends along to the party but my sister-in-law said that 8,000 people had said on Facebook that they were coming. She did not realise that she was creating a public event and should have done. She is going to have to change her mobile phone SIM card because of the number of calls she has been getting about it.”

Local police are taking the threat seriously, 21,000 people is roughly the same as the town’s population and forces fear thousands of party revellers may still turn up to cancelled event.

Sergeant Lewis Ducket of Hertfordshire Police told the Daily Telegraph newspaper:

“I would urge people who may be planning to come to Harpenden for the party to make other plans. We will have officers on patrol in the area on October 7th to provide a reassuring presence and who will be able to deal with any issues, should they arise.”

Rebecca has already suffered from this mistake, her mother has confiscated her PC to avoid future blunders. While it is hard not to see the funny side of this story, the cancelled party was inevitable, imagine the cost alone of providing a buffet and cake for 21,000 people!