There should be an image here!After reading this today, I found myself thinking that the piece oversimplified the idea of the iPad and, to a larger degree, tablet computing in a very big way. The fact is, the size and battery life, bundled with the application delivery system, is going to be the start of something amazing. The reality is that the iPad, bundled with a real keyboard (yes, they make them) is actually just what the doctor ordered for busy bloggers and others in the writing realm.

Now this is not to say that the iPad is perfect for all situations. I, for one, prefer the value of a low cost netbook from ASUS instead. It’s got the same battery life, and it’s cheaper as well. But there are indeed some venues where a laptop styled device is not going to cut it. And it is here, in which I see the iPad and others like it blossoming as the user adoption continues. The one area where I think the above linked article really nailed things on the head was with how compelling multi-touch interaction has become.

In the end, I think the iPad releases of the future will be addressing any perceived shortcomings felt by users today. The key of course is in making sure Flash is not an expected experience. As lame as it may sound, Flash is very much a part of today’s technology world just as Java once was. Long story short: Flash still has a few years left before people will stop asking for it. Apple, foolishly, jumped the gun with this belief that no one is going to miss it. It seems the interest in Android devices has proven that wrong.

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