A while ago, I wrote a post about Cuil. You know, the search engine that was going to wipe Google off the face of the map? Today, WordPress told me that my links in the article to the Cuil website are broken. The site isn’t just down either. It’s completely gone!

Cuil, pronounced “Cool,” had raised about $33 million in funding from private equity firm Madrone Capital Partners, Greylock Partners and Tugboat Ventures.

According to posts in the online forum SearchEngineWatch, employees of the Menlo Park-based Cuil were told at 11 a.m. on Sept, 17 that the company would be shutting down; the company’s servers were shut down five hours later.

The site launched July 28, 2008 with several former Google engineers leading a charge to try to takeover as the best search engine. Tons of hype from the media made techies everywhere curious how the new search engine would stand up in the industry. Once the site went live, it immediately became clear Cuil wasn’t a ‘Google killer.’ Searches and the photos that appeared with them were far from relevant. The company was dead on arrival. The company later claimed that its search algorithm was a work in progress. Search was eventually abandoned and later the site became a strange mashup of nonsensical information.

Some things are better off dead.