Water is incredibly important to our bodies, just as important as air. However, doctors do not talk about the importance of water in disease control and health. We are composed of 75% water, so think about what is happening when we do not drink it!

Water is necessary for the body’s general functioning, elimination of toxins and waste products, blood circulation, etc. When we do not drink enough water, organ problems can occur, painful joints, cloudy thinking and loss of energy to name a few. If you want to notice an almost instant increase in your health, drink a quart of high quality water upon waking every morning.

Drinks such as coffee, tea, soda, etc., actually cause dehydration. Tap water however is highly dangerous, containing an unhealthy chemical cocktail most try to cover up the flavor of with such things as Kool-Aid, tea, etc. Drinking tap water quite often also causes dehydration, so what can one do?
Drinking water that is highly purified of toxins causes problems as well.

When we drink naturally occurring water, we are supplied with important minerals and electrolytes that our bodies need for optimal functioning. Purified water is devoid of these, and contains literally pure water. Pure water molecules will take from whatever is surrounding it to replace the minerals it is missing, meaning it will strip them from your body to make itself whole again. This will cause demineralization, which once again leaves the body unhealthy. So, what can be done to have pure water that is also mineralized?

First, purify your water through a triple filtration system using reverse osmosis and carbon filters. This can be done by buying a good under the sink system, or having your water bottles refilled at your local grocery store’s water purifying machine. The first option will be much more inexpensive in the long run, and much more convenient. The second method requires diligence in taking note of the taste of the water. If the water starts to taste off, immediately call the 800 number listed on the machine, and let them know that the filters need to be changed.

Second, purchase a product called Sea-Crop, which is used in the agricultural community. Sea-Crop is desalinated high quality sea water, and contains literally the same composition of minerals that are naturally occurring in your blood stream. Though it is listed on the label as not for human use, it has been approved for animals by the FDA. I and many others have been using this product for human use the last few years with only positive and healthy benefits. For $59 dollars you can buy an entire gallon of this product, and it will last one person well over a year. You will also want to purchase a one milliliter dropper from your local pharmacy. According to the Sea-Crop site:

“The recommended rate is .04 milliliters per kilogram of body weight per day added to the drinking water.”

This comes out to about 2 milliliters a day for your average person. I put one dropper full in a quart water bottle, and drink two of these a day. Some people have higher potassium needs than others, so I add 2 pinches of potassium citrate per quart as well. Purebulk.com has excellent prices on bulk potassium, as low as $12.50 for 500 grams.

You will notice an increase in energy and health as the days go by drinking high quality water, it is very much worth the investment!