There should be an image here!Speaking as a non-developer, I never really understood the advantages of one programming choice over another. But when Apple put the smack down on what could be used and what could not, then as today Microsoft stunned everyone. According to this piece, developers will be able to use Visual Basic for Windows Phone 7 development.

So what does this demonstrate? I think it shows that Microsoft is going to be more open as to what people use to create apps than Apple. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t appear that I am. And if Microsoft were smart, it’d embrace as many choices as possible to ensure the best start to its new Mobile OS.

Critics of VB have, in the past, called it a newbie method of programming. One that needs to be avoided, etc. While I have also heard that it is easy to use, I would not go so far as to say it was programming for newbies. That might be a little harsh.

What say you? How do you see this happening? Do you think that Microsoft will be more open on how apps are developed than Apple has been? Hit the comments; share your thoughts on this matter.

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