Microsoft has released information for those who wish to use their new browser Internet Explorer 9 when it becomes available. The company stated that for Windows 7 users, they will not need to install SP1 first, prior to installing IE 9.

In addition Microsoft has provided additional information on their Internet Explorer 9 Beta FAQ For It Professionals:

Does Internet Explorer 9 Beta integrate with Window 7?

Yes. End users can pin business-critical applications and websites to the taskbar, and websites can add customer tasks to those Jump Lists. Additionally, developers can add controls to thumbnail previews, similar to the controls that Windows Media® Player adds to its thumbnail previews.

How does Internet Explorer 9 Beta improve the performance of webpages and applications?

Webpages and applications load noticeably faster and are incredibly more responsive because of the new document object model (DOM), a re-engineered layout, and Chakra (the new JavaScript engine). The new JavaScript engine takes advantage of multiple CPU cores through Windows to interpret, compile, and run code in parallel.

How does support for hardware acceleration affect Internet Explorer 9 Beta end users?

Hardware-accelerated video, graphics, and text allow end users’ websites and applications to perform like applications that they install directly on their PCs. High-definition videos play smoothly, graphics are clearer and more responsive, colors are truer, and websites can be more interactive.

Which security features are new or improved in Internet Explorer 9 Beta?

The industry-leading SmartScreen® Filter helps protect end users from malware and phishing attacks. Internet Explorer 9 Beta adds the SmartScreen download filter to block downloaded program files, based on their reputation. Internet Explorer 9 is the only major web browser that provides integrated download reputation to help end users make better choices when deciding whether to trust a downloaded program file. Both filters are turned on by default.

Does Internet Explorer 9 Beta support modern web standards such as HTML5?

Internet Explorer 9 Beta demonstrates our commitment to an interoperable web by supporting modern web standards. Doing so enables developers to use the same mark-up across web browsers, helping to reduce development and support costs. Modern web standards that Internet Explorer 9 Beta supports include HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets, Level 3 (CSS3), Document Object Model (DOM) Levels 2 and 3, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and International Color Consortium (ICC) Color Profiles.

You can find more FAQs at the link below.

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Source – Microsoft

Update. I corrected the original article I wrote since it appears that Microsoft revised the information on their web site. Information on the requirements for Vista had also been removed. 🙂