There should be an image here!Employees often say that they want more communication in the workplace. What does this really mean though? Chances are when employees are asking for more communication, what they really want is better communication. They want to know how they are impacted directly and what’s in it for them.

Take for example the manager who forwards onto his or her team, an email about an upcoming technology roll-out. If there is no information in the email about how the technology roll-out will directly the team, when asked how the roll-out went, the team will inevitably say that there was not enough communication. The real problem is not the quantity of communication but rather the quality.

However, had the manager tailored the information for his or her team to specifically state what the direct impact would be and what was in it for them, the team likely would have been satisfied.

So, when employees tell you that they want more communication, consider looking at how information is shared with them and if messages are being tailored appropriately for the audience. If not, employees will always be looking for more.

[Photo above by Joshua Rappeneker / CC BY-ND 2.0]