There should be an image here!As I read look at this image posted by the Consumerist, which depicts what the demise of Blockbuster looks like, I feel there are few things that were left out. First of all, where is Redbox? Second, Blockbuster is still very much intent on fighting Netflix and Redbox.

Now to be clear, I’d sooner dance naked in a mall food court singing show tunes than go to another Blockbuster. Why? Simple: DVDs and Blu-ray are either borrowed, “Netflixed,” or avoided completely via Amazon Unbox (HD movies) in this household.

Despite my own feelings on the company, there are some things to consider.

1) Blockbuster simply dealt with its debt — it’s not going anyplace… yet.

2) It is now going to be offering movies 28 days sooner than its competitors.

3) It has stores, its online services, and now kiosks like Redbox.

Now for the funny part. It’s too little, too late. While getting movies delivered 28 days sooner is enticing, sadly the combination of no one knowing this and the fact that its online movie services are not quite there yet mean this doesn’t really matter.

Worse, if Blockbuster had not taken advantage of its initial domination of the home movie realm, it might not be in this position now. At its peak, nothing but fees and headaches were being offered. It was expensive and made buying movies much more attractive.

It was given a golden ticket and, sadly, squandered it away into nothing as the newer, hipper companies came along and ate the mighty Blockbuster for breakfast. It’s simply another case of a company trying to do it all, without doing any of it well. I give Blockbuster three years before it is bankrupt for good.

[Photo above by Scott Clark / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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