Internet service provider Suddenlink has implemented a policy in which after three notices of copyright infringement, a consumer can lose their account for a period of up to six months. The company states that in its terms of service it is spelled out exactly the procedure for those who violate copyright law. The terms of service state that:

“If you continue to transfer Copyrighted Material illegally, you are violating Suddenlink’s policies and Suddenlink may take further action, including limiting your Internet download capacity, suspending or terminating your account, or a range of other measures.”

What caught my eye in the article I read was this:

In reality, this means that subscribers will be disconnected from the Internet for 6 months without a refund.

I don’t think so! If, and that is a huge if, my service from Suddenlink was disconnected for 6 months they would not be receiving one cent.

What do you think? Would you continue to pay your bill?

Comments welcome.

Source – Torrent Freak