There should be an image here!Are you proud of your Web site? You may be happy with what you’ve created, but if your site isn’t accomplishing the goals that are set out for it, then is it really all that great? You can create a Web site to be what you think your visitors want it to be, but despite what you may think, you don’t always know what your visitors want and expect. Instead of just publishing a site without any concern for what people think, you could try a tool called Clue that helps you to find out what people remember about your Web site.

All you have to do is enter your URL to get a link from Clue that can be shared with anyone that you would like to invite to participate. The tool gives participants a few seconds to look at your site and then it asks them to write down what they remember about what they saw. At the end of the experiment, you’ll be able to review a report that shows you how things went. Prepare for a reality check.